This site was born from a desire to have a way to easily share our families' genealogy information with everyone else in the family no matter where they are or what genealogy software they may or may not have.  We're hoping that an offshoot of this endeavor will be to gain additional information about our ancestors from those who visit this site, as well as to perhaps provide information to others who seek it.

I have recently been in touch with a few people who, as it turns out, are distantly related, so I have updated all of the family trees that are on these pages on January 2, 2015.  The family trees that are linked on the Bill's Tree page are updated as of December 9, 2016.

I started out simply wanting to fill in the names of my direct ancestors, and then I "branched out" to include my husband's ancestors.  Now, after going off on many tangents, what started out to be a single tree has grown into a small grove.  I'm hoping to nurture it into a forest...

It's not strictly a genealogy site, however.  Although we will be adding stories and anecdotes about our ancestors, in the days and months to come the site will be updated with photos and other stuff.  We will also make every attempt to keep the descendant trees updated as we find new information.

There is a lot of information that has been "hidden" on the family trees, simply because we needed to keep them as concise as possible to make them easier for folks to view or download.

If you have found this site and believe you may have some genealogy information that relates to us, please contact us by searching for me on Ancestry.com, Twitter, or Instagram.  [As of 12 Apr 2021 I have disabled the link to send an e-mail because of a proliferation of spam messages received via the link.  I will restore it eventually.]  Surnames on Bill's side include Barth, Boughey, Braun, Capron, Lenkeit, Marshall, Miner, Mountford, Orfgen, Roberts, and Wagner.  On Kathleen's side, surnames include Anderson, Angarola, Angarole, Beaulieu, Bruni, Bruno, Chapdelaine, Cochennette, Conway, Dahl, Daugherty, Doyle, Fay, Kieger, Krammer, Leonard, McClafferty, McLafferty, McMenomy, Melf, Melfi, Morollo, O'Brien, Schmitz, Tauscher, Tranelli, and Trenelli.  Obviously, one of us has had better luck researching their side of the family.  OK, so I've spent more time researching my side...   :-)

(All genealogy files on this site are in PDF format and can be viewed with Acrobat Reader.  Wherever possible, the links are activated by clicking on someone's name.) 



Updated April 12, 2021