Ancestry of William John Lenkeit

We have made a major breakthrough on our research of Bill's paternal side of the tree with the incredible assistance of Karin Knipprath-Bunse and her daughter Dana Bunse!!  They and their family have been angels from Heaven in our quest to find out more about the German side of Bill's family.  We are forever indebted to them!  Because of them, we are now able to update the charts linked below.  All of the charts linked on this page are updated as of 09 December 2016.

First, we have the descendants of Wilhelmine Lenkeit, which is the beginning of our knowledge of the Lenkeits.  We now also have much more information on the Orfgen branch, beginning with Friedrich Wilhelm Orfgen.

We had originally found more information on Bill's maternal side of the tree simply because those folks had emigrated from England to the United States earlier than his paternal side, and can be found on more Census records than his paternal ancestors, who emigrated from Germany.  Even so, there are large gaps where information is missing.  To view this branch of the tree, beginning with Bill's great-great-great-great-grandfather Enoch Mountford, please click his name.

Still on Bill's mother's mother's branch, but going up his grandmother's father's side, we have the Boughey family as well as the Roberts family.

The tree beginning with great-great-great-grandfather Ezra Miner (Bill's maternal grandfather's side) can be viewed by clicking his name.  This tree, also, was expanded to include the names of Ezra and his wife, which we found out when we obtained a copy of John Henry Miner's death certificate.

Now, to help make sense of it all, you can look at Bill's "Standard Pedigree Tree" to sort of see where these folks fit in.

If you have any more information on any of these people, please let us know.  We're also willing to share any information that we have that you may need.  Because of a proliferation of spam messages sent to the e-mail link that had been here, the link has been disabled for the time being.  Look for me on, Twitter, or Instagram.

Updated April 12, 2021